5 Escape Games with Summer theme you should play

Summer is always anticipated and is a time where everybody can relax, enjoy the time and get out from all the stresses in life. Summer is said to be the best season of all. It is a time, when everybody gather and enjoy the company of friends, love ones, special someone’s, family etc. It is a time for new activities and when people enjoy the heat of the sun. Summer is short and every moment should be cherished and treasured. Summer themed escape games are fun, interesting and everyone should like them. These point and click games are filled with fun and excitement. In this article you can find five of the top rated summer themed escape games you can find. This article provides images from the games and a short description to know the story.

1. Small Summer Park Escape

Spend your summer at the small park and enjoy the hottest escape game.

First on our list of is the Small Summer Park Escape developed by Escape Games 7. The story of this game is about playing in the park. Winter season is long and every kid can’t wait for summer to come. It’s fun because everybody can play and enjoy the time outside the house. As winter is gone, your mission is to walk to every park in your neighborhood to have fun. You heard about a new park in the town. Out of curiosity, you went there and entered. You didn’t know it is still opened temporarily. As you were inside, the park got closed and you don’t know what to do. You must find a way out of the park in order to get home.

Play Small Summer Park Escape 

2. Greeny Summer Park Escape

The Greeny Summer Park is the best place to play your summer escape game.

Second on the list is the Greeny Summer Park Escape Game developed by Ainars for Escape Games 7. Greeny summer park escape is of course a point ‘n click online game. This game is another summer themed game from your favorite escape website. The story of this game is that a young boy decided to take a walk in the park today, because of the good sunny weather. Greeny park is a very famous park in this town. The boy decided to go to Greeny park. When the boy arrived there, he was amazed that nobody was there. Not a single person. Going around the park, the young boy became dizzy and lost his way. The boy must find his way to the exit before it gets dark.

Play Greeny Summer Park Escape

3. New Summer Forest Escape

Dry leaves and summer feels is what you will enjoy on this new summer forest escape.

Third on our list is the New Summer Forest Escape game from Gamesnovel. The story of the game goes like this. Summer has just begun and camps are opening. A boy heard about a competition, where in all contestants will be locked into a man-made forest. The boy registered and couldn’t wait for the day to come. The day finally came. The boy was anxious, and when his turn came, he rushed to finish the game. But unluckily he got so confused, that he had a hard time finishing the competition. The game’s rules is to give-up or finish the game. The boy must think fast and finish the game in time to win.

Play New Summer Forest Escape

4. Summer Forest Escape

This summer escape game will bring you to the wonders of the summer forest.

Fourth on our list of summer themed escape games is Summer Forest Escape. The game is about a kid wanting to go back to a place, where he and his family used to spend summer together. This place has a nice wooden house, and is located in the middle of the forest. The only problem is that the kid doesn’t know the way to the wooden house. The kid tried his luck by going into the forest. As the time passed, the boy surprisingly discovered the place. But it’s now time to get home, and the kid cannot remember how he got there. He lost his trail. Now he must find his way back and out of the forest.

Play Summer Forest Escape

5. Golden Sand Beach Escape

Escape from the city and have your vacation at the Golden Sand Beach.

Fifth on the list is the Golden Sand Beach Escape game from Ainars developed for Escape Fan. This is a very simple point and click game. On one summer time you and your friends planned to go outing on the beach. As the plan goes, everything is set. On the day of the outing you are the first to arrive on the beach. One of your friends called you and told that everything is cancelled. Disappointed, you decided to spend the day alone. While on the beach sunbathing and relaxing, an elephant just came out of nowhere. You must escape the big elephant before he stumbles on you for good.

Play Golden Sand Beach Escape

These were five great summer themed escape game to choose from. Every game is unique and has its individual challenges. So playing these games will be more fun, and excitement. Invite your friends to play along with you for a much more fruitful experience online. There are plenty of games to choose from depending on your taste. Good luck and have fun!


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