5 Hotel Escape Games to Play

Hello game fans, I am back with a brand new topic for this article. Did you enjoy the previous forest themed point and click genre? I know you all did. Want to feel the same excitement given to you by Ainars cool clicking games? Well, here’s another topic that will surely make you crave for more browser games created by him. So what are we waiting for let’s start the fun and start exploring these hotel rooms. 

Hotels as we all know are business establishments where tourists or any individual can stay at the cost of money. So lets begin..

Small Hotel Room Escape

The Small Hotel Room is not suitable for a claustrophobic. Solve this hotel room escape game!

Number 1 on the countdown is Small Hotel Room by Ainars. This is the first title for this item. If you had a choice, I think everybody would prefer a bigger hotel room right? In this hotel, the rooms are small as you can read on the title. The story of this game goes this way. One night while a traveler was stranded on his way to his destination, he was having trouble looking for a place to stay. All hotels were fully booked because of the holiday season. So he had no choice but to book the smallest hotel available in town. The next morning when he decided to leave he misplaced the keys and was locked inside. The thing to do now is to look for it and solve some puzzles involved. Just navigate around and try not to pressure yourself too much.

Play Small Hotel Room Escape

Abandoned Hotel Escape

Wrong hotel. Solve the Abandoned Hotel Escape game.

Next is titled Abandoned Hotel Escape by Ainars. Abandoned as we all know is a building or an establishment unused for a very long time. Now, imagine you decided to explore a known abandoned place near the place you are staying. The place is said to be mysterious and reports say that it is hunted. Curiosity is what made you decide to tackle the area. Upon reaching the place, strange things started to welcome you. You are now feeling the rumors spreading about the abandoned hotel. Going inside was a bit tough, but somehow you had the courage to carry on. Once inside the doors accidentally locked, trapping you inside. To be able to escape you need to solve puzzles and collect items to finish the game.

Play Abandoned Hotel Escape

Rusty Hotel Escape

You need to rush to escape from the Rusty Hotel.

Owning the third spot is Rusty Hotel Escape by Ainars.  Rusty Hotel looks like a prison on first look, but actually it’s a hotel building. Creepy isn’t it? I know right. People in the old times love to stay in this hotel because of its ambiance and the way it looked. Many decades passed and the place is now a tourist attraction. People come here to get a tour inside the building and get a closer look of the history behind it. Imagine yourself as one of the tourist on a tour. Unlucky for you, you got lost and couldn’t find the way out. In short, you’re lost. To get out explore the area for useful items and answer the puzzles that come your way.

Play Rusty Hotel Escape

Lighthouse Hotel Escape

You might need a light to complete the Lighthouse Hotel Escape.

Second to the final title is Lighthouse Hotel Escape by abroy. Have you heard of a Lighthouse Hotel? Unusual, right? This hotel themed game is about a unique hotel located underwater and on top is a lighthouse. One night the hotel held a party for all customers. It’s a one night only exclusive party. Imagine you attended the event and had too much alcohol intake causing you to get intoxicated. Out of control you climbed up the lighthouse and got stuck there for some reason. Too much alcohol in your system made you irrational. To escape the tower you need to solve the puzzles to be able to advance to the next that will help you escape the lighthouse.

Play Lighthouse Hotel Escape

Wifi Hotel Room Escape

You can use the Wifi to escape from the hotel room.

Final game is named Wifi Hotel Room Escape by New Escape Games. Wifi is the term used for internet signal you can use anywhere. Imagine you booked a hotel room which offered free wifi connection. You chose the hotel because you needed internet access. After setting up all your things, it’s time to connect to the web but you discovered that the wifi service is not functioning and decided to inform the lobby desk. The door is locked and you cannot get out. To get out of the room you need to answer some logical puzzles and collect items that are useful.

Play Wifi Hotel Room Escape

Finally, there you have it fans! Another review about point and click games available for play.

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