6 Beach Escape Games to Play

The beach is the one place, where most of us want to go when we feel bored or just want to relax under the heat of the sun. When we need to let go of all the stresses that is slowly building up inside our minds going to the beach will help us relax every part of our body. But not all of us have the time and energy to get up and jump straight into the clear blue waters. So let me take the time to give a review of our top point and click beach escape games you can play online. In this article I will give a list of 6 Beach Escape Games available on Escape Fan.

Golden Sand Beach Escape

Golden Sand Beach is the finest beach you could ever imagine. Enjoy this beach escape game.

Let me jumpstart the list with Golden Sand Beach Escape. This escape game will surely kill the time when you’ve got nothing to do at home and your laptop or PC is just sitting around doing nothing just waiting for you to start the experience. Here you will find yourself in the golden sands relaxing all by yourself and enjoying the nice view of the sea while feeling the cool heat of the sun. Taking a dip in the water and sun bathing can be boring for a while. So maybe, taking a long walk on the beautiful sand and exploring some fun activities to get yourself involved with can also be a worthwhile experience. While looking for something good to do, some big, funny looking, blue colored elephant suddenly breaks the quiet atmosphere of the area and started destroying everything in its path. Your goal is to escape the situation by solving puzzles and complete the game. Have fun running around with the cute elephant!

Play Golden Sand Beach Escape

Little Island: 20 Diamonds

There are 20 Diamonds this Little Island. Find them all in this beach escape game!

Little Island 20 Diamonds follows up the first title. This game is more challenging compared to the others because you will find yourself between life and death situation. Imagining that you are an outcast in this small island which is rich with diamond and all you need to do is find these stones and some shapes located in the scenario. These precious gems are your ticket out of this boring island. But before everything started here, you were a captive of a notorious pirate group that captured you because they knew that only you have the knowledge about the diamonds hidden on the islet. I hope you don’t get killed. Have fun and good luck!

Play Litte Island: 20 Diamonds 

Pirate Treasure Island Escape

The pirate treasure contains the key to escape from this beach.

Pirates and Islands are common combinations of beach escape games. Pirate Treasure Island Escape by Escape Fan is situated on an island renovated as a theme park which mimics a treasure island and is themed during the pirate era. Once you enter the contest, the goal is to find seven lost diamonds and a golden crown before boarding a pirate ship and escape the island. Solving puzzles is also involved during the game and try to solve them in at least your first try.

Play Pirate Treasure Island Escape

Beach Chain Escape

Chained to the beach, literally. Unlock the chain and escape from the beach.

Beach Chain Escape Game is developed by Games 2 Jolly. The game has a very simple animation and easy to remember characters. This is about a boy so in love with his girlfriend that he would do anything just to make her feel happy. The main character is Jolly Boy. He is so dedicated to his girl that one time during their romantic date set in the ocean, Jolly Girl noticed her golden necklace was missing from her neck. She is very sure that the necklace fell on the ocean where they had their date. Now, Jolly Boy needs to find it for her, but first thing he should do is to locate equipment that he will need to execute the search. Try answering simple puzzles!

Play Beach Chain Escape

Caribbean Beach Escape

Enjoy the disco show into the Caribbean Beach escape game.

Second from the last review is Caribbean Beach Escape. The game is developed by Eight Games. Have you heard about the Caribbean? It is a region that consists of the Caribbean seas, its island, and the surrounding coast. Well, this game is situated on an island called the “Caribbean”. During a party held one night, almost everybody got drunk and party goers are becoming careless as they got more intoxicated by alcohol. One dude was heavily intoxicated by alcohol and accidentally locked himself inside the venue. Party is over and everybody is gone. As the player, your job is to solve puzzles and help the poor guy get out of the place. Try to make it on time.

Play Caribbean Beach Escape

Exciting Beach Escape

Nothing is more exciting than this beach escape game.

Last game in this genre is titled Exciting Beach Escape. What makes this title exciting is because of the drama blended in the story. Playing it will make you ask for more! The game’s story tells us that there is a rider who loves to ride in his scooter but his scooter must be fueled with water every time to power it up. The goal is to help him load his ride with water because he got stranded far away from the shore. Help him escape the deep waters and back to shallow land. Solve the puzzles offshore and complete the target. Have fun with this one!

Play Exciting Beach Escape

So there you have it avid fans and gamers. If you felt excited just by reading this short game reviews, how much more if you actually is playing the games mentioned in our list of top beach escape games. Do not miss out on this fun, interesting, point and click entertainment available for all of you mouse potatoes out there! See you again soon on our next top escape game reviews. Happy clicking!

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