6 Prison Escape Games you shouldn’t miss

What comes to our mind when we hear the word prison? It is usually associated with criminals, lawbreakers, etc. and anybody that violates the law. A prison is a correctional facility that inmates are confined to cease their freedom as a form of punishment. Every prisoner has only one thing in mind, and escaping is always the first thought that comes in their heads every single day. That is only an overview to give everyone the idea of content you will encounter in games that I will talk about in this article. I will walk through 8 of the high ranking point and click prison genre escape game available online for free. This lineup has been proven and played by escape geeks.

Prison Ruins

Don't let prison ruin your life. Find a way to escape from the prison ruins!

Beginning the list is Prison Ruins Escape by Ainars. Ever wondered what ruins are? Ruins are defined as remains of man-made architecture. Objective of the game is to search for hidden crystals, gem, and artifacts and collect a total of nine crystals all in all to complete the target and exit. Try and explore the scenario and watch out for hidden items and unusual spots, because maybe some of the puzzles needed is located here.

Play Prison Ruins

Pico Prison Escape

Escape from the most famous prison in Portugal, Pico Prison.

Pico Prison Escape is another one from the famous developer: Ainars. This point and click game is very short and simple compared to the others. This is about an old underground prison facility abandoned many years ago because of poor sanitation facilities. You will find yourself lost underneath the facility and the only way out is to solve puzzles and collect objects that are useful. One thing you should remember is to look for unusual places around the area. These places may contain the puzzles needed to complete the game. After solving all needed trivia’s, exit and escape to end the game.

Play Pico Prison Escape

Diamond Prison Escape

Play this prison escape game and don't ever steal a diamond again.

The next game which completes half way of the list is Diamond Prison Escape Game by Ainars once again. Diamond Prison is abandoned and the last think on your sane mind is to get trapped in this prison facility. If you were to choose the prison where you want to be locked up, this jail is the last place on every inmate’s head. Humors have it that, all the worst criminals in the world is locked here. While you are stuck here, explore the area and find diamonds. You need to find 9 diamonds in total before escaping. Puzzles also are needed to complete the game. Have fun!

Play Diamond Prison Escape

Micro Prison Escape

This micro prison urges you to escape even more.

Number five game is called Micro Prison Escape, also another high rated game from Ainars. Micro Prison as you can see in the title micro, meaning small is a small prison facility for temporary inmates in the area. Imagine you are the last of the remaining inmates forgotten in this abandoned facility and there is no means of communication from the outside world. The best that you can do is to help yourself by escaping. Look for unusual spots, pick up items, and solve puzzles to aid you in your escape.

Play Micro Prison Escape

Extreme Prison Break: Rob Game

The rob game ain't cool. You can't escape low key, you need an extreme prison break!

Yoopy creates cool clicking games with simple, colorful animations. Extreme Prison Break has one of the nicest moving animations on click gaming. The story starts when a robber was caught while robbing a convenience store for some cash. Unlucky for him the clerk activated the emergency distress button beneath the counter and cops were alerted immediately. While the robber was detained in the local jail, he was scheduled for transfer in the state penitentiary. Before authorities can capture him he must escape to avoid transfer. Solving puzzles and collecting items is the common task when playing. Good luck!

Play Extreme Prison Break: Rob Game

Carabanchel Prison Escape

Deported in Spain and imprisoned too. Escape from Carabanchel Prison.

Last but not the least title is Carabanchel Escape by Eight Games. This is the final entry so you better prepare yourself if you want to try any of the top 6 entries and experience the life of a prisoner trying to escape captivity through this point and click games. Starring this game is David, a mistaken identity victim and now he is being held prison in Carabanchel Correctional. David losing hope, because corrupt officials are one-sided immature people won’t accept his side. So now he must find a way to escape the injustice and prove that he is not the one involved. To play David you must navigate by searching unusual areas where puzzles can be solved and items can be collected. Have fun and enjoy the experience!

Play Carabanchel Prison Escape

There you have it folks! Prison click games can be as exciting as the other genres available online. Review all of them, try them, rate based on your personal experience and share the fun with everyone around you. Have fun inmates!

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