August 2015 Escape Games by Escape Fan

Hello click game fans! Did you had fun on our July escape games by Escape Fan? If you did, then August will definitely follow everything up and give everyone the full experience that all have been waiting for. August list is composed of mixed genres and settings. All titles are developed by none other than the great Ainars who just couldn’t stop making all of the fans out there crave for more games. So now let’s not prolong the agony and start the game running!

Small Hotel Room

They're fully booked this August so they gave you this Small Hotel Room.

First in our August point and click games is titled Small Hotel Room Escape by Ainars. The game is situated in a rented room by our character. The story starts where our main character was on a travel to another place and was stranded in a state because night travel was unavailable after six in the afternoon. So he rented a small hotel room to rest off the day. By the next day, he was stuck in the room when the door jammed and the lock could not be opened. The next thing to do is to look around for objects that are useful to solve the puzzles that will help in getting out of the room and escape.

Play Small Hotel Room 

Mossy Forest Escape

Rainy August and moss are not good combination. Escape from the Mossy Forest.

Next title is the game called Mossy Forest Escape by Ainars also. Let me tell you the story of this game. One day, on a bright sunny morning our character was cooking his breakfast because he was getting hungry. While the eggs were almost done he noticed a sphere of light shining outside his window. Curious of the thing, he went outside to take a closer look because he thought it was so unusual. Looking at the light, he felt a bit light headed and was feeling like hypnotized. He followed the strange light out in the forest and when he regained consciousness, he found himself in the middle of the mossy forest. Now, all he need to do is to gather items that is useful to solve some puzzles easily and escape the area before we gets in to trouble.

Play Mossy Forest Escape

Wallpapers House Escape

Spring themed wallpaper to cover your house this August is not a good idea. Find a way to escape.

Third game is named Wallpapers House Escape by none other than Ainars. The title is a bit strange, right? This game is about a strange man spotted by people inside the house of one of their neighbors. The man was seen doing unusual things. He was shoveling the ground in the backyard and was cutting something using a large axe. The day he was carrying a huge piece of cloth that looked like a body bag. After a few hours, the neighbors saw him having trouble lifting up the bag, so the man just dragged it outside and placed it inside the trunk of his vehicle and drove off. The witnesses decided to investigate for themselves inside the home. They noticed that the wallpapers had blood stains and is still a bit fresh. One of the neighbors noticed and heard that a police car is nearby and maybe on its way to the house. Now, they need to get out the back so the cops won’t think they are the suspects. Finding objects necessary to solve the puzzles should be done first and escape after all puzzles are solved.

Play Wallpapers House Escape

Mysterious Summer Forest Escape

Seize the summer this August by playing Mysterious Summer Forest Escape.

Last but not the least title on our list is the game called Mysterious Summer Forest Escape by Ainars. Some of the titles mentioned here are already mentioned in our previous reviews but is still included because they still fall in the category or title of our lists. Anyways, this point and click game is situated in the forest. Not new but is still one of the best available title. The main character of our game is having his vacation in the beach. He was thinking of a new adventure he can do after relaxing under the sun. He decided to venture in to a forest adventure and experience nature’s challenges and obstacles. The forest is so huge that it covered almost one fourth of the state’s land area. The place was known to be mysterious and many strange sightings were reported before, but that didn’t stop him from his plans. While in the forest, he stumbled on a confusing path and started to feel lost. Now, all he need to do is to look for items around and solve puzzles that will aid him escaping the forest before it gets dark.

Play Mysterious Summer Forest Escape

There you have it click fans! Another cool set of point and click titles to enjoy on our site. August just ended and it’s time to try out these titles for yourselves and experience another exciting fun filled games that will surely complete your day! Happy clicking fans!

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