July 2015 Escape Games by Escape Fan

What’s up escape fans? I’m back with a new list in hand, and these are not just your ordinary click games. These are from one of the best out there. Escape Fan is one of the top developers of click titles and today I am giving the chance to feature it in this article. July was a great season and there were so many games published that month. Right? So now let’s get going and prepare yourselves for these great titles!  

The Wooden Barn Escape

July is better from the outside so escape from the Wooden Barn as soon as you can.

First game is Wooden Barn Escape. Wooden Barns are old and mostly found in the rural areas. Our grandparents surely have barns. Now, this game is situated in an old barn. Let’s just imagine that you came to visit your grandma and grandpa this weekend. After a long travel, you finally arrived. It was strange because both of them are not home. You tried to look for around if they are just doing some outside choirs but nothing. Last thing on your mind was the barn, the barn is large and maybe you thought they are cleaning. Entering the barn was dirty and suddenly the old wooden door closed and was jammed. Now it’s time to get out, but before that you need to solve puzzles and find hidden items.

Play The Wooden Barn Escape

Black Berry House Escape

Blackberries are delicious on July. Eat some while playing this July 2015 room escape game.

Next title is Blackberry House Escape. This one is totally different. It’s about a couple having their very first baby. As we all know when women are pregnant they have lots of cravings, strange cravings! The wife was craving for black berries, so the husband thought immediately where he can secure the fruit. He rushed to the nearby convenience store but it was closed already. Remembering a tree in the neighborhood that bears the fruit, he sneaked inside the owner’s home, only to find out that the doors are locked from the outside. Getting out from the way in was impossible due to some reason. So now he needs to find a way to escape the house and get back to his wife quickly.

Play BlackBerry House Escape

Dark Underground Catacombs Escape

That's not a firework for 4th of July, that's a bomb from the Dark Underground Catacomb.

Third game is named Dark Underground Catacombs. Pretty scary just by the title itself isn’t it? Anyways, in this game the setting is beneath the catacombs’ which is hunted for years. Ghost hunting is common in the area and a lot of groups have been here seeking adventure. Imagine your friends invited you in their plan to do the same. Without hesitation you accepted the invitation. Now, everybody is ready and you start by entering the entrance. As you progress the pathways get more confusing and after a big scare, everybody was topsy turvy and the group lost its way. Now you need to help one another find items and solve as a group the puzzles that will lead you to the escape route.

Play Underground Catacombs Escape

Husky Escape

Let the Huskies escape for them to enjoy July.

Almost halfway is the game Husky Escape. Huskies are very cute and lovable. I know I want one! Anyways, this game is about a pet and its owner. One morning the owner woke up only to find out that his dog was missing from its cage. Desperately worried about the dog, he went outside and started tracing its footprints. Not for long he found his dog standing in a small piece of land in the middle of the river. The owner was wondering how did his dog got there. All you have to do now is to look for items or objects that you can use to interact with some puzzles. The puzzles will help you and your dog escape and finish the game.

Play Husky Escape

Golden Sand Beach Escape

It's summer somewhere so spend your July in the Golden Sand Beach.

Fifth on the list is Golden Sand Beach Escape. On one summer vacation you and your friends planned to go outing on the beach. As the plan goes, everything is set. On the day of the outing, you are the first to arrive on the beach when one of your friends called and told you that everything is cancelled. You got very angry of the situation. Disappointed, you decided to spend the day alone to relieve the stress you are feeling. Now, while on the beach sunbathing and relaxing, an elephant just came out of nowhere and started rampaging on the beach lot destroying everything on its path. You must escape the big elephant by solving puzzles and collecting items before he stumbles on you for good.

Play Golden Sand Beach Escape

Swampy Forest Escape 2

July is a rainy season. This caused the forest to be swampy, so stay dry and escape from the forest

Taking the sixth spot is the sequel to Swampy Forest Escape. Being in the forest is really not ideal especially when the weather is bad and you are not familiar with the place. Heavy rains cause the forest to flood and floods are not good. They are destructive and stressful. The game is about being stranded in a forest flooded with swamps. The swamps make it difficult to maneuver around because of limited ground that can be passed. The goal is to look for objects or items that can be utilized to answer and solve puzzles that can make your escape easier.

Play Swampy Forest Escape 2

Escape From The Ancient Pyramid

July vacation in Egypt is fun but you have to Escape From The Ancient Pyramid.

Seventh game is Escape from the Ancient Pyramid. The Pyramids of Egypt is one of the world’s great natural wonders. It’s a wonderful experience to travel to this place. Let’s just imagine for now that we are tourists traveling here. As a tourist and an explorer you planned to explore the newly discovered ancient pyramid. Many rooms are unexplored and many artifacts can be found. There are lots of wall passages that lead to different areas. The problem is that, the entrance is blocked by a fallen rock unexpectedly. Before getting out, collect precious items and solve ancient puzzles using your logic and escape the pyramids immediately.

Play Escape From The Ancient Pyramid

Sunflower Field Escape

The Sunflower Field is very bright in July so you have to escape.

Sunflower Field Escape is our eighth place title. Traveling to the countryside lets you encounter many open fields with vast land areas. One day let’s say, you are traveling and saw a beautiful sunflower field. The field is so huge that you can see a rainbow at the end. You couldn’t help yourself but get out of your car and take pictures. You tried walking and running in the field and did not realize that you lost your way back. The mood totally changed and your concern for now is how you will be able to get back. Before trying to escape the confusing sunflower field, collect objects and solve the puzzles given to easily escape the area.

Play Sunflower Field Escape

Return To Spring Forest

Help the bears to escape from July and help them to return to spring forest.

Second to the last title is Return To Spring Forest. Transferring to another place to live when you already got used to your old place is hard and adjusting is a long process. Imagine you lived in Spring Forest and for how many years now you left this place to transfer and study to a newer and more advanced city. Missing your old home makes you want to go back and visit old times. But what if everything changed? When you arrived everything is gone and what are left are trees, animals, etc. Civilization is gone. Before you escape find objects and solve some puzzles that will help you get out.

Play Return To Spring Forest

Cinderella’s Magic Ring

July is the princess' wedding month. Cinderella needs her magic ring to escape from the spell.

Finally the last but definitely not the least game is titled Cinderella’s Magic Ring. Cinderella is a famous character and our character is named after her. The story is almost similar to the movie but with some twist and turns. As another point and click game, you need to navigate the game using your mouse and interact with objects around. Main purpose of the game is to look for objects that can be used to answer some puzzles. Solving the puzzles is essential to advance to the next, so answer each carefully and have fun.

Play Cinderella’s Magic Ring

There you have it click fans, another set of great point and click games available for everybody. July games are definitely not on the least spot so if you missed all or maybe some of this title’s, there’s no worries because they are still available and are just waiting for you out there! Good luck and have fun. Happy clicking!

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