The Ultimate Forest Escape Showcase Part 1

Forest? Have you ever been to a forest? A forest is defined as a large land area which is covered with trees and vegetation. Approximately 30 percent of the world is covered with forest. Some little facts to start off this article about forest escape games. Today I will be discussing another high rated point and click online games for play. I will be dividing the list into two parts and this will be the first part of this topic. In this first part of the article I will discuss the top 5.

Mossy Forest Escape

Moss are gross. Escape from this mossy forest.

The first game in my list is Mossy Forest Escape Game by Ainars. This forest is mossy maybe because of the humidity and climate. Just try it out for yourself. In this title you were stranded in this mossy vegetation while following a strange ray of light that appeared in front of you. Maybe it hypnotized you or something. You had no clue what happened because when you regained consciousness the forest is all around you. All you have to do is to solve the puzzles around, collect items and get out of the strange place and escape the illusion.

Play Mossy Forest Escape

Forest Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there's a forest escape game that you need to solve and that's the Forest Fairy Tale Escape.

Following the first one is Forest Fairy Tale also by Escape Fans. Ainars creates lots of high quality fun and exciting point and click escape games. Imagine yourself in a place with giant mushrooms, weeds, trees, flowers, and everything you see in a forest. Strange isn’t it? Yes, a wicked witch has cursed you and turned you into a very small human being. The witch has given you a bargain and if you can find the acorn key to unlock the giant mushrooms then she will give you back your normal life. Search the giant place for the acorn and other items needed to solve puzzles that will help you gain the key to open locked mushroom doors.

Play Forest Fairy Tale

Winter Forest Escape

Winter Forest Escape Game is cool and simple.

Winter Forest Escape by Ainars is another forest escape genre included in my list. What is winter? When we talk of winter, snow is always the first thing in our minds. It is the coldest season we experience like any other. Imagine you had a vacation in your uncle’s ranch and its winter. Snow is falling and building everywhere. You wanted to play in the forest because the lake is frozen and ice skating is possible. Asking permission from your uncle is not easy because he is very strict and busy. Lucky for you he is in a good mood but can’t go with you because he is finishing his unfinished stable. Along the way to the forest, you got lost and cannot go back. Solve the puzzles and try to get back home.

Play Winter Forest Escape

Sunny Autumn Forest

Perfect weather for the perfect season! Sunny Autumn Forest escape game is also perfect for you.

This game is in a totally different season compared to the previous game. Sunny Autumn Forest Escape by Ainars sets in autumn climate where the sun is shining hot in the morning. Explore Sunny Autumn Forest where plenty of weird stuff happens and getting lost in here is not unusual. Imagine you are one of the hundreds lost in here and the only way to free yourself is to incur items needed to escape this weird location. You must look for Amber’s mushroom, some onions, and other forest items and use them to unlock puzzles that will lead to your escape.

Play Sunny Autumn Forest

The Ghostly Forest Escape

The Ghostly Forest Escape is the creepiest forest escape game you could ever imagine.

Last game of part 1 is the Ghostly Forest Escape Game by none other than the great Ainars. Are you scared of ghosts? I know I am and I bet all of our fans are. This point and click game happens in the forest, but not just any other ordinary forest. This one is hunted and many paranormal activities have been reported that occur here. Suppose you are a paranormal expert and decided to investigate on your own. As you were on the place, something happened that made you dizzy for a while and caused your brain to forget why you are there. So now you have to find objects and use it to solve various puzzles that will enable you to escape the hunted place. Don’t worry, now you know it’s really hunted.

Play The Ghostly Forest Escape

There you have it escape fans, another review of another escape game genre you can enjoy playing online. There are more to come so just relax and experience the ultimate point and click fun. The second batch of Forest Escape is coming soon so watch out!

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