The Ultimate Forest Escape Showcase Part 2

Hello again avid escape fans! Did you enjoy the previous episode of the top 5 forest escape games? I’m sure you did. If you had fun with those point and click games then this will surely complete the experience. I will be giving you the second part of the genre all by Ainars.

Mysterious Forest

Solve the mysteries in the Mysterious Forest escape game.

The first title for part 2 is Mysterious Forest by Ainars. This game is about a forest of course, but this is not your ordinary forest. It is for a long time unexplained due to strange phenomenon’s that occur every now and then. The mysteries can’t be explained by anybody. As a paranormal investigator maybe you can try to visit the place and conduct an observation. Imagine you are already in the area and all equipment are set for the investigation. Before you can even take images the mysterious events are already happening and started to confuse your mind. Vibrations are very strong and it knocked you unconscious. Lost in the forest you need to look for items and solve logical puzzles that will help you remember everything.

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The Magic Forest Escape

Abracadabra! Use magic to escape from this forest.

Second escape fan’s is Magic Forest Escape by Ainars. This game is new so you have the chance to experience it first-hand. Everybody knows what is magic, right? Yes, and the forest in this title is magical and you have to see it for yourself. Let’s say you are the main character and you just got fired from your job because of a minor careless deed you’ve done. Ok and you decided to take a break in an available for rent wood house in the middle of the forest. Taking a break through nature’s relaxing and calming atmosphere helped you relieve much of the stresses. One morning while you were walking you saw a large tree different from the others. To make this story short you got lost and couldn’t find your way back. Collect hidden items and solve puzzles to unlock the way back and escape the illusion.

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Amber Forest Escape

Amber is between the shade of gold and you are between the forest. Do you best to escape.

We are nearing the end and the third title from Ainars is Amber Forest Escape. Amber Forest for many years contains a rare kind of tree that can secrete a substance that is helpful in solving the long time cure for cancer. As a doctor and long time researcher for the said disease, hearing about this tree has risen your hopes in finding the cure. You decided to take samples of it for your study. Being in the forest, finding the tree is hard and sometimes can cause burnout. Trailing the forest for so long you lost track of your location and was stranded. Before dark you must find your way back because it’s dangerous after this time. Find items and solve puzzles.

Play Amber Forest Escape

The Foggy Forest Escape

The Foggy Forest gives you blurry sight. Use your eyes to complete this forest escape game.

Second to the game is The Foggy Forest Escape by Ainars. The weather is bad and the mountains are foggy and visibility is not perfect. Imagining yourself as a teacher who teaches biology you decided to take your students to an educational trip to the forest to let them experience the lessons they have taken up. Early morning the bus is ready to drive everyone to the forest. Weather is not that good and fog is building up in the sky. As a teacher you assessed the situation and decided to take shelter somewhere, but time is running fast and the fog is getting worse. To save the students you must find objects in the forest and solve puzzles that will help everybody escape the terrible weather.

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The Forest Mystery

How to solve this forest escape game? That's the Forest Mystery that you have to find out.

Wrapping up our list of the ultimate forest escape game showcase everybody should not miss is The Forest Mystery Game by Ainars. Ainars just keeps giving us endless ideas of forest escape games. This just shows how creative he can be. This last title is about a mystery in a forest that can’t be solved by anybody. Being an expert you are confident that you can give a solution to this mystery so you decided to journey into this land area. Reaching the place and seeing it for the first time gives you a clue why it is so mysterious. Without hesitation you started investigating and being over confident you lost some equipment. Retrieve your equipment’s that aids you in your problem solving and sum up puzzles to help you escape the forest somehow.

Play The Forest Mystery

That sums up our list of the top 10 Ultimate Forest Themed Escape Games Showcase. All title by Ainars and if you just couldn’t help but ask for more browser games then Ainars just couldn’t help himself either in making more point and click games for us fans out there. So get up and start powering-up your system and start playing before you miss out all these great games. Till next time and happy clicking!

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