The Ultimate Forest Escape Showcase Part 3 

Hello again click fans out there! I’m back with part three of our favorite forest escape games by Ainars. I hope all of you had a taste of the previous ten titles because today sequels to those games are available and that’s what I’m going to talk about in this article. Today I will be adding five more games in our review list. Most games in this list as I have mentioned earlier are sequels to previous titles found on part 1 and 2 of our Ultimate Forest Escape Showcase article. So grab your mouse and start the adventure! 


Forest Crystal Escape

This forest is crystal clear. How clear that you can escape from the Clear Forest?

First in this third discussion is the game entitled Forest Crystal Escape by Ainars. Reading the title gives you the idea of the story. In this particular forest, crystals are abundant and as time goes by the supply became scarce and almost depleted. Reports say that only 8 stones are left hidden around the forest. Imagine yourself being a dog trainer and for years you have trained one to sniff crystal scent. One day you brought your k9 in the area and allowed it to detect the precious stones for your own personal gain. Your mission is to collect all the 8 crystals and an ancient mask to escape the place. Some puzzles needs to be solved also, so be alert of dangers that lurk in the corners.

Play Forest Crystal Escape

Winter Forest Escape 2

Number 2 to the greatest Winter Forest Escape.

This game named Winter Forest Escape 2 is the second title of the winter series by Ainars. Hopefully you have played the first title, for sure part 2 will partly complete your experience because I will complete the series in this article. I will not talk much about this winter escape game. It is generally set in the same forest. Purpose of the game is to escape the place. Once again you need to collect frozen cherries, mushrooms, pinecones, and many other items necessary for the mission. Solve puzzles again and after that activate the owl portal to escape.

Play Winter Forest Escape 2

Winter Forest Escape 3

The 3rd ultimate forest escape which occurred in winter.

Winter Forest Escape 3 is the last chapter of the winter escape series by Ainars. Everybody should not miss this one especially if you had started playing parts 1 and 2 series. Playing part 3 will complete the whole experience. In this franchise you again is located in the same forest and needs to escape the harsh winter because of the freezing temperature and cold winds. Solve logical puzzles and advance until you can escape. Collect items as well like frozen apples, strawberries. After all that is done open the owl portal and escape the forest immediately.

Play Winter Forest Escape 3

Mysterious Autumn Forest

Autumn couldn't be more mysterious than this. Solve the mysteries in this autumn forest.

We are almost on the last game so everybody better hold on. The fourth title is Mysterious Autumn Forest Game by Ainars. Autumn is totally different from winter and summer. It is the season in between both. After the summer let us say you planned to take a hike in a forest trail and you chose the Mysterious Forest in the nearby town. The forest park is almost in closing season because winter is coming so you better plan fast and make them happen. You managed to fulfill all plans and before the weekend, you are already on the mountains. But it’s still very early to celebrate. Lost and inexperienced, you need to escape fast. A mysterious elephant that can talk tried to help you in exchange for peanuts and ants. Wanting so much to escape, gather items needed by the big animal and solve mystic puzzles so that the portal will open for you.

Play Mysterious Autumn Forest 

Mysterious Autumn Forest 2

Another must try forest escape game is this Mysterious Autumn Forest 2.

Finally I am wrapping up today’s chapter with the game called Mystery Autumn Forest Escape 2 by Ainars. Autumn 2 is the second story after the first title. Again as winter is coming you tried your luck for the second time around. Your first adventure was not so successful maybe because you lack experience and necessary skills to tackle the forests challenges. Everything is going well and weather is cooperating very well. When suddenly you lost concentration and almost lost yourself again. Lucky for you a mysterious bear offered to help in exchange for honeycombs. So now you need to find some honeycombs for the bear, solve puzzles, and open the portal to a new dimension and complete the objective and hopefully gain the highest score among all players out there. Good luck everyone!

Play Mysterious Autumn Forest 2

The last part is done escape fans, no need to think and stress yourself of what comes next cause Ainars will never let us down and next genre for sure will be much more exciting and burnout free. Just check out every title we reviewed on The Top Ultimate Forest Escape Games Showcase! Because one thing is for sure, missing this is like missing half of your life. Think about it escape fans! See you next time. Chow! Stay tuned for more articles about your favorite point and click browser games online from the number one developer worldwide, Escape Fan by Ainars! Happy Clicking!

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