The Ultimate Forest Escape Showcase Part 4

Hello click fans! Did you miss me? I’m sure you did, well I’m back with the last part of The Ultimate Forest Escape Showcase. In this last review I am going to talk about the remaining available titles in the category. There are four games including two sequels of previous games included in parts 2 and 3. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start the countdown and begin pointing these fun and exciting click games online!

Escape Into The Fog

Clear your eyes to get through the forest and escape into the fog.

First game for today is Escape Into The Fog by Ainars. Nothing new but the forest is foggy unlike from the other titles. The plot is about a hiker walking down this foggy forest on a beautiful weekend. Visibility in the area is a bit blurry due to the climate. The man was planning to take photos of its nature for a photo exhibit gallery. Not long after he took a break he spotted an owl injured and struggling in the woods. Before the poor creature dies in pain he must rescue and help it escape the forest. As the player try to solve puzzles and collect items along the way before escaping and finishing the game.

Play Escape Into The Fog

Mysterious Bunker Ruins

These mysterious bunkers in the forest are now ruins. Wonder how the army played their own forest escape game.

Another forest game from Ainars is titled Mysterious Bunker Ruins. As the story goes, one day while you were sitting in your desk waiting for a real adventure call, the phone rang. You immediately jumped and answered the phone. Finally the adventure that you have been waiting for is happening. A client called you about a bunker ruin discovered in the deep part of the forest. The client asked you to investigate and gather facts for him. The next day you are in the location doing your thing. The most exciting and challenging part is getting inside the bunker. Once you got in, the entrance was suddenly blocked by a boulder and getting out is impossible. In order for you to escape, solve some logical puzzles and try to exit the bunker.

Play Mysterious Bunker Ruins

Mysterious Autumn Forest 3

Autumn Forest has the best view. Solve the mysteries in the Mysterious Autumn Forest 3.

Third title click fans is Mysterious Autumn Forest 3 by none other than Ainars. This is the third part of the series title. I know all of you enjoyed previous sequels, so this one will definitely wow you. You will again find yourself in this fictional forest searching for mysterious items that can be utilized to open portals that leads you out of the place. Puzzles can be played also and must be solved to advance. In addition, searching for ancient stones and the black forest crow is essential in completing all task needed. Remember the time and do not stay too long in a single area cause there’s much more to explore than just solving puzzles and picking up objects.

Play Mysterious Autumn Forest 3

Mysterious Autumn Forest 4

The forest is full of mysteries and the Mysterious Autumn Forest 4 is another forest mystery that you have to solve.

Number four is the last game of the Mysterious Autumn series. Finding yourself for the fourth time in this area is not new anymore. The place is very familiar so trails and routes are very common. Once again searching for items and solving puzzles are the main tasks. Items which are important include apples, crystals and stones. 19 black valuable items shouldn’t be missed and also the key that will unlock the escape portal. Explore more and forget about the pressure while keeping in mind the time before the game is over and you have to start all over again which kills the element of surprise area by area.

Play Mysterious Autumn Forest 4

That wraps up this category review about forest escape games. We covered all titles from this great developer and what’s left to do now is to try out all these amazing video entertainment online. No need to worry about anything because in the next review expect a much more hypnotizing experience that everybody is wanting! Happy clicking click addicts! Till next time!

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